It's becoming something of a distant memory now, but back in the late 1980's and early 1990's Lloyd's (the insurance market) managed to stuff (financially, that is) about 20,000 people. The amount of 'stuffing' varied from a few tens of thousands of pounds up to seven figures and well beyond. Anthony Goddard was in the latter group, but took the view that it was a self-inflicted wound, and that all he could do was to kick on and start again.

Another Lloyd's underwriter based in Australia, took a similar view. Having owned half of Queensland (or whatever) he had to sell up and move to a smaller bungalow, which he named "Duck's Folly" - this being an anagram of "F*ck Lloyd's". Not being quick-witted enough to come up with this himself, when he read about it Anthony's reaction was to think it was a wonderful name for a beer...


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