Anthony Goddard - Founder

One of the more bizarre sights on the motor-racing circuits of northern Europe is a 16-stone seventy-ish individual who ought to know better. Unlikely to worry Lewis Hamilton as his racing motto is 'after you, Claude.' Anthony founded Goddards Brewery back in 1993, and Team GB carry on the business with the same energy, humour, and occasional political incorrectness!

Nigel Eldridge - Head Brewer

Promoted to head brewer after serving an 8 year apprenticeship, Nigel is a closet musician, surfer, pantomime actor and general all-round brewery good egg. He has learned his trade under the guidance of two top class brewers and has a thorough, thoughtful and professional approach to making sure that our beer comes out perfectly every time.

This picture was snapped in one of his more serious moments.


Xavier Baker – Managing Director

Xav started his brewing life at what was then Ventnor Brewery - after 15 years there, he then joined Molson Coors as an Account Manager for Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight. He was then offered an opportunity to go to Ireland to set up a brewery and brew a lager for Dingle Brewery – a six month arrangement soon turned into 3 years. The resulting Creans Lager is a great success and is sold across Ireland and on all Aer Lingus flights. Xav is now back on the Island and very happy to have joined Team GB. Apart from his obvious interest in beer he continues his passion for surfing, bee-keeping, mountain biking and generally being outdoors. He has also set up the Isle of Wight Meadery as well as the Island's first and only distillery, Isle of Wight Distillery

Babs Mitchell - Associate Director

Goddards Brewery's answer to Elizabeth Taylor, Babs puts up with a quite astonishing amount of political incorrectness (thank goodness.) If you are on the receiving end of our telesales system, then it's more than likely that it is Babs who contacts you. Can turn into a Rottweiler on demand if you don't pay your bills on time. Be warned.  Babs is also the longest-serving employee at Goddards.

Josh Davies

Josh Davies - Brewer

We’re really pleased that Josh Davies has become part of Team GB.  Previously Josh worked at The Ale and Oyster in Ventnor, and originally joined us at the brewery as an apprentice.  He brought with him great knowledge of beer care as well as a science background and a dart player’s mathematical brain.

Ian Mouat – Drayman

Before joining Goddards Ian lived in Australia and has travelled extensively around India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hawaii (the list goes on quite a bit...).  He eventually lay down his hat on the Isle of Wight and has since become the second longest employee at Goddards.

Ian has two beautiful daughters who are responsible for brightening the brewery office with some of their artwork – thanks girls, our favourite colour is yellow too.

Pete Kenway

Pete Kenway

Pete Kenway, a former pub owner and a thoroughly decent guy, has been helping Goddards with their mainland sales efforts, particularly around Southampton and Portsmouth. Pete is very well connected and his enthusiasm for our beer is infectious!

Richard Harvey – Non-Executive Director/Consultant

A Master Brewer who after a distinguished 40 years in the trade is extremely well known throughout the British beer industry. Previously the Head Brewer at Goddards, he now spends slightly less time on the Island and more time amongst the brewing community on the mainland. He still visits us regularly however and is in contact often.  Richard has recently been elected a trustee of the SIBA SE section.


Fluke – Head of Security

Fluke was our four-legged team member and despite her occasional small-dog issues she frequently reminded us of the important things in life: a full tummy and plenty of affection.

Fluke also held a Masters in the Art of Looking Unloved.

She is sorely missed. 

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