Snoozing Man

Snoozing Man

We've frequently been asked about the snoozing man and what his connection is with Goddards Brewery.

The Brewhouse at Barnsley Farm, near Ryde on the Isle of Wight, dates back to the 18th century and Goddards Brewery is a revival of this tradition of farmhouse brewing.

In the early days the beer was generally brewed for the estate and for the farm worker as part of his pay.  Whilst he would recognise some of the traditional hops - Fuggles and Goldings - and quality malts now used,Goddards Snoozing Man he would be amazed at the technology employed to ensure the consistency and excellence of the beers produced.

The snoozing man is actually a shepherd, resting under a tree with his tankard of ale, whilst minding his sheep.  He represents our agricultural heritage, and frankly we feel pretty sentimental about him.

We just don't feel quite so sentimental about his sheep...



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